Custom Meals & Chef Pick Options

Custom Meals:

Do Not like what we are offering this week. Order customized meals and get everything prepared the way you would like. 

All of these meals are prepared with mostly organic items, wild caught fish and very limited canned or processed food. 

This meal plan is excellent for those on special diets or would like to create a more specific more rigid diet and always getting for they enjoy. 

These meals are brought to your home daily if you would like!!!

This experience is like having a personal chef in your home each day.

 Chef Picks Meals:

If you are too busy or don't want to be bothered with searching through our weekly menu, Chef Picks is your option. In your profile tell us everything you do not like and items you really enjoy and we make sure you have an excellent dining experience each evening. 

1. Menu items will come from our preset menu items for the week. We will substitute liked and disliked items for your satisfaction. 

2. Items will only be selected by a member of Chef Lowell's team and we will not get client confirmation on meals being delivered for the week. 

3. All meals will be delivered on one specified day by the customer. 

4. No refunds, exchanges, or credits will be given for the chef picks meals.

  • All orders need to be submitted by 8:00 A.M to receive food for the next day or for another day in the week.
  • Monday delivery orders must be submitted by Friday at 10:00 am. All Orders received after 10:00 am will be delivered Tuesday morning.